This week, I am feeling about 98% recovered from the UFE (uterine fibroid embolization) procedure.   I am planning on going back to the gym to resume my 3-days-a-week regiment which includes weight lifting. I don’t get that ache in my uterus anymore or the backache. I am not experiencing any spotting anymore, but I am on my first menstrual cycle post-UFE. The radiologist told me that my cycle would get lighter and lighter and that the fibroids would continue to shrink within the first 6 months after the procedure. My flow is lighter that pre-UFE, but it is still heavy; that’s progress I guess, but I’m looking forward to the point when my flow will be light to regular. My stomach looks like it’s gone down some. Once I get further into the recovery process, I will post the pics of my before and after shots of my stomach. 
I went back to the gym this week and resumed my normal workout regiment without even a twinge of pain. I’m back in business!
I started experiencing some lower back yesterday which lasted through today. My cycle has been lingering; about the 8th day now. It has tapered down to spotting, but I’ve had enough already! I think i’m going to google this to see if anyone else whose had the procedure has experienced the same. If you can relate, leave me a comment in the box.

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