Jessica Simpson Shoes: Calf Hair to be Exact

Item: Jessica Simpson Shoes: Stilettos Calf Hair Leopard

Purchased at: Goodwill retail store

Purchase Price: $4.99

Sold for: $20

Fortunately for the buyer of these shoes, they were one size too small for me. I love calf hair shoes, heels especially, and clutches. Every now and then, the Goodwill blesses me with a good pair of shoes.

Jessica Simpson Calf Hair Stilettos
Jessica Simpson Calf-Hair Stilettos

Cole Haan Faux Leather Jacket

Item: Cole Haan Signature Jacket Faux Leather Quilted Black

Purchased at: Goodwill bins

Purchase Price: less than $2

Sold for: $10

This jacket was featured in my Thrift Haul #3 post and video. I guess I made a good Vanna White, because it sold within about a week of the post! I had a few people inquire about this jacket, and to think that the vultures at the bins just overlooked it.

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