Vintage Belt Buckle

Below you will find descriptions of items that I have recently sold on my Ebay online thrift store.

Item: Belt Buckle Vintage Cabin Cruiser 1978 Solid Brass BTS Made In USA

Purchased at: St. Vincent DePaul Society Thrift Shop in St. Augustine, Florida

Purchase Price: $5

Sold for: $20

Item: Kut Denim Jeans Style So Low Plus Sz Women’s 16

Purchased at: Goodwill Retail

Purchase Price: Less than $2

Sold for: $19.99

Item: Anne Klein Dress Pants Brown NWT Women’s Sz 16 Retail $89

Purchased at: Given to me for free by a church member who knows about my side hustle. In a previous post titled Putting Yourself Out There Gets Results, I talk about the importance of  letting people know what you do. This is another example of how that pays off.

Purchase Price: $0

Sold for: $20


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