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I went down to the Goodwill bins in Jacksonville, Florida last weekend and tested the waters. Amongst what was mostly picked-over junk, I found a Hobo International purple, leather clutch and a few other items. I could tell that the clutch was leather by the look and feel of it. I took it home, researched it, and was pleasantly surprised to find out that the actual retail prices for these clutches start at around $110. I got an offer the next day after listing the clutch on eBay. I paid $22 dollars and some change for the haul that included that clutch, and I sold the clutch for $37. The great thing about shopping at the bins is that that sale paid for my haul that day, so everything else that I sell from that haul is purely profit minus my seller fees; pretty sweet deal if I can say so myself.

Beware of the Flea Market Sellers

On another note, most of the other customers in the store that day were cray-cray. They acted like vultures swooping down on some roadkill when the new bins were brought out. I saw one customer literally move the employee out of the way after she rolled the bin out. The employee had to reprimand some of the customers for their aggressive behavior. Every time a new bin came out, they would make a mad dash over to it. I don’t know what they were grabbing at, but some of the things that they left behind were quality items. I did just fine staying away and hunting through what they didn’t have the sense to put into their carts. I laughed about that all the way to the bank! I guess that is how the Florida bins get down. Tell us about your Goodwill Bin experience in the comment box below.

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