What’s Selling on eBay…My Grandma’s Shoes!

As I mentioned in a previous post on the importance of putting yourself out there, people sometimes ask me to sell items for them on my online thrift store. My 83-year-old grandma was no exception! When she asked me to sell some shoes for her, I was a little hesitant because I like to only sell things on my store that I would wear or buy for someone else to wear, and her senior citizen taste is way different from mine! I did it anyway. Her shoes took a while to sell and the buyer was so excited to find that particular brand. She said they were very hard to find. Here is one of the messages she sent me. I never thought I’d post about my grandma’s shoes, but that’s what’s selling on ebay!

Item: Forever 21 White Metallic Animal Print Crop Top
Purchased at: Goodwill Outlet
Purchase Price: $2
Sold for: $8.99
Item:  Ava & Viv Maxi Skirt
Purchased at: Goodwill Outlet
Purchase Price: $2
Sold for: $10
Item: Liz Baker Wedge Sandals
Purchased at: from my grandma’s closet
Purchase Price: $0
Sold for: $12

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